Winter Care Tips 2021

Winter Care Tips 2021

Winters are upon us, to so many people in Karachi, this is good news, we Karachiites go through pretty harsh weather all summer long, and then some, so winter for most of us is like a wonderland. Hot beverages, aromatic foods, wedding season gives us a chance to dress up and rock it.

Karachi winters are pretty mild and enjoyable for the most part, but since we’re used to living with severe humidity 80 percent time of the year, winters bring dryness for us, in other words, dry skin and dry hair, no fun at all right?

What if we can tell you a solution to that, tried and tested, hydration hydration hydration, sounds pretty simple right? We wish!

Winter is a season where we don’t sweat much, resulting in less thirst, which further results in less water intake and water is crucial for skin, it removes the toxins from your body making your skin clear and bright, so first of all make sure that even though you don’t feel thirsty, make a habit of drinking at least 8 glasses of water, and now comes skincare, you’re maybe a mom, a working woman, a student, we know everyone is busy these days, but this simple 3 step skincare routine can save your skin if you start it come fall, don’t wait for winters to come to cause damage first. Remember just three steps!

1- Cleanser

2- Toner

3- Moisturizer

If you’re a skincare fanatic like me you can add more products like serums or facial oils, but if you are then probably you won’t need to read this.

But for beginners or people who haven’t ever done thorough skincare, these are basics, also always get products according to your skin type for dry skin look for hydrating cleansers, hydrating toners, and thick emulsion moisturizers. For oily skin, trust me in winters go for hydrating cleanser and toner even if you have oily skin, the moisturizer you can choose gel-based or thin consistency lotions. And if you’re doing all these steps at night, don’t forget to apply sunscreen in the daytime, winter, or summer, don’t ever forget your sunscreen if you want your skin to be spot-free and wrinkle-free as long as it can.

Hope these tips will help you and you will enjoy winter with happy healthy glowing skin.

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