Top 10 Makeup Artist in Karachi for Bridal Makeup

Top 10 Makeup Artist in Karachi for Bridal Makeup

Top 10 Makeup Artist in Karachi for Bridal Makeup

To all our makeup enthusiasts out there, we know what a struggle it is to find a good makeup artist. It is 2021 and the competition among makeup artists is pretty high. We would suggest you go to someone for makeup who uses high quality makeup products on her clients. If you are confused who to exactly go to, here are top 10 makeup artists in Karachi. These people will make sure you look the prettiest of all on your big day!

Sara Salon & Spa – Most Famous Makeup Artist!1. Sara Salon & Spa – Most Famous Makeup Artist!

Ask people around you about Sara Salon & Spa and you will see how famous this salon actually is! Sara is known for her amazing makeup skills. Her signature makeup look is loved by almost every girl in Pakistan. She also uses amazing skincare products prior to doing makeup so that the makeup lasts long. You will never find her compromising on the quality of products.

Sara Salon & Spa Instagram:

Kiran Khan Salon – See the Magic!2. Kiran Khan Salon – See the Magic!

Kiran Khan is another big name when it comes to makeup artists in Pakistan. She owns a small makeup studio but her makeup skills are unmatchable. Book her for your big day and you will love the magic she will create on your face!

Kiran Khan Salon Instagram:

Furqan Salon – Enjoy the High-End Products!3. Furqan Salon – Enjoy the High-End Products!

Furqan uses all high-end makeup products on his clients. Her choice of makeup products is too good which is why her brides look super beautiful too. He is a perfectionist when it comes to makeup. Thus, if you are looking for a perfect makeup artist, go for Furqan!

Furqan Salon Instagram:

Ireen Khan Signature Salon4. Ireen Khan Signature Salon

If you are searching for a good and affordable makeup artist in Karachi, look no further! Ireen Khan is another makeup artist who is too good at what she does. If you see Irene’s work, you will realize why everybody praises her work so much! It is absolutely impossible to take eyes off Ireen Khan’s brides!

Ireen Khan Signature Salon Instagram:

Qirat Baber (Makeup by QB)5. Qirat Baber (Makeup by QB)

If you have not heard about QB, you don’t know about good makeup artists at all! QB is absolutely flawless when it comes to makeup skills. QB has created a huge name for herself over the years. She is even considered the best makeup artist in Karachi by many people. She owns several shades of good foundations and lipsticks, so whatever skin tone you have, she will handle it perfectly!

Qirat Baber Instagram:

Natasha Salon - Affordable Makeup Artist!6. Natasha Salon – Affordable Makeup Artist!

Natasha is one of the most affordable makeup artists in Karachi, who is also pretty brilliant at what she does! She uses excellent makeup products on her brides, which is why her brides look the prettiest!

Natasha Salon Instagram:

Shamain Salon - Most Experienced Makeup Artist!7. Shamain Salon – Most Experienced Makeup Artist!

Yes, Samhain from Shamain Salon is considered the most experienced makeup artist. Her experience shows in her work. Her brides always look so elegant and her choice of makeup products is also very high class!

Shamain Salon Instagram:

Zara Imtiaz Makeup Studio!8. Zara Imtiaz Makeup Studio!

Zara Imtia’s makeup is also quite famous among makeup enthusiasts! People have given some really good reviews to Zara. Her eye makeup is always so on point. Thus, if you are looking for a good beautician for your big day, Zara Imtiaz is a good choice too!

Zara Imtiaz Makeup Studio Instagram:

Pareesa Kehar!9. Pareesa Kehar!

Almost every client has written good comments about Pareesa Kehar’s makeup. She is a professional and does superb makeup. You can definitely trust and go to her for your important events!

Pareesa Kehar’s Instagram:

Makeup by Amna Farhad!10. Makeup by Amna Farhad!

Last but not the least, Amna Farhad is another great makeup artist based in Karachi. Even after hours, Amna Farhad’s makeup stays on point. This is majorly because she uses high-end products on her clients. She owns wonderful eyeshadow palettes, lip colors, etc.Go to her and you will not be disappointed.

Amna Farhad Instagram:

Let us know in comments, which makeup artist you like the most. Do you want to add any makeup artist in this list? Suggest now!

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